Larry has been tapped to write dozens of taglines by clients, agencies, and design firms alike.

Whether working independently to take clients through the process of developing and evaluating lines, or simply serving as a supplementary contributor to an agency’s in-house efforts, Larry stands ready to share this unique form of what he calls “commercial poetry.”

Some favorites are referenced here (but many others have been “ghostwritten” under strictest confidence!)

Regional health insurer in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut seeking to emphasize the hyper-local connections possible with a company that is an integral, fellow stakeholder in the community.  (with Jackrabbit Design)


Innovative non-profit that provides entrepreneurial training to incarcerated individuals to help them support themselves and their families upon release.


Provider of deep analytics to highly targeted companies in the energy business.
(with 451 Marketing)

Advanced materials division of DSM.  Dyneema is the world's strongest fiber, used in everything from body armor to tethering ropes for the space shuttle.

Health insurer and provider network within diverse community health centers in Massachusetts.   (Spanish version:  "Mejorando juntas")  (with Argus Communications)