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In 2013, new leadership at Boston Baroque was looking for fresh ideas to gain the attention of a younger potential audience for their amazing performances. A dramatic and unexpected creative approach was warranted in both design and copy.

Working with JackRabbit Design, stunning new visuals were created that accompanied bold and provocative copy. A new brand book was created that continues to guide the client’s promotional activities.

Sample copy:

Any good concert will make an impression.

Work performed by Larry:
> Voice and copy guidelines for new brand book
> Headlines and copy for advertising and web
> Manifesto statement:

"The best performances of the best music, will take you on a journey. It might just be a temporary escape from the frantic pace of modern living. Or it could be an inspiring, soul-stirring experience that sends your life in a whole new direction. Great art (of all kinds) is like that. After interacting with it, we leave a bit richer. At Boston Baroque, we fearlessly welcome this opportunity to impact modern audiences. We aspire to move you. To make you think. To make you feel something powerful and new. To transcend. To Dream, To grow and evolve. "

Boston Baroque