Campaign + content development—especially for highly technical or complex B2B products and services. Websites, annuals, viewbooks, case studies—any form/any length.



Concept development for video projects (short and long form). Scriptwriting and voice-over direction/production.



Preparing and interviewing C-level executives for video and print projects. Customer testimonials, case studies, investor appeals and board presentations.

What's so great about
Larry Buckley Creative Services?

We pride ourselves on being smart.  About understanding your business & your audience. About using your resources wisely. About capturing the essence of your brand and serving it up to your prospects and customers in a way that intrigues. Then motivates.

We go with the flow.  We don’t stand on ceremony.  We can keep up with you.  (We’ll even lead if you want.) We meet the crazy deadlines. We burn the midnight oil. We do the dirty work.

We see the forest. And the trees. We take your complex technology and science and gizmos and what-nots and work them into stories and copy and images that connect with your audience.  And touch them.  And move them to action.

We work with agencies who need a creative resource to bail them out of a jam.  We work with consultants whose B2B clients are moving from strategy to execution.  We work with big corporate marketing managers who need a one-stop resource for video, websites, print advertising, collateral, social media, app development, and tradeshow/event support.