Finance executives explaining the value of professional asset management.
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Objective Health
Senior healthcare leaders who were clients of this McKinsey practice throughout the northeast.
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Hinckley Allen
Multiple attorneys and clients in a series of testimonials for presentations and social media.
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Getting businesspeople to speak clearly and authentically about their companies, products and processes can be an excellent way to generate powerful content—for print, audio, or video applications.

Customer testimonials, explainer videos, internal communications, and case studies often depend upon getting people to engage in a comfortable and forthright manner.

Larry can partner with your agency or videography/audio resources, or supply a crew ready to capture content in a
professional/unobtrusive way—anywhere in the world.

Work performed by Larry:

> Interview preparation
> Content outlines
> Live interviews, in-person or by telephone
> Video testimonials and explainer videos
> Case study development (print and video)